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Creative and spunky treats featuring nostalgic, all-American flavors.

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Like a lot of people, I started baking as a kid. When I got older I figured out that my habit of messing around in the kitchen was something that I was both good at and fun. So, I went to culinary school in worked in all sorts of restaurants.

When I moved to Lincoln, I knew it was time to turn my attention to what I really loved – baked goods. I was always whipping up weird flavor combos and my friends thought it was a little strange, but addictively delicious.

I started by selling cookies that had familiar flavors, but with a twist – like my Magic Lunchbox cookie with PB&J and crumbled Cheez-Its on top. Eventually, I moved on to other bakes goods like pies, scones, cinnamon rolls – really anything that uses sugar, butter and flour – but I kicked all of them up a notch. I added in beer, sprinkles, doughnut crumbles and made rifts on classic flavors, and people have loved it all.

To me, Kitchen Sink Bakery is my place to play around with flavor. To try something new, bold and a even a little crazy. That’s the way I started and that’s how I plan to keep it!

-Allison Newgard, Owner & Baking Wizard